Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers

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Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers

The all-encompassing, most comprehensive self-publishing course you will find! Get readers around the world and sell ebooks from:

  • Amazon
  • Apple iBooks Store
  • Google Play
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Smashwords
  • Scribd
  • Oyster and many more!

Everything you need to format documents, convert to ePub, make covers, upload and sell at retailers, and for marketing.

Save time and money while getting your ebook to readers in every nation.

Instructed by Jason Matthews, bestselling author of 7 books and self-publishing expert. The manual and video lessons explain it with real-time instruction. The lessons include:

  • the PDF guide book that goes with the video
  • formatting for all major retailers
  • converting to other formats (ePub, HTML mobi, PDF)
  • cover design
  • selling at Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and more
  • making free blogs and websites
  • PayPal sales with an automated system – Shopping cart sales
  • social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube)
  • public relations (PR)
  • getting reviews and more

Accomplish publishing goals fast.Simple enough for beginners and great for experts who could use extra guidance.

Get started today and reach more readers soon.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Self publish ebooks professionally and effectively
  • Format ebooks from Microsoft Word Documents
  • Create Table of Contents, active hyperlinks and useful features within ebooks
  • Convert MS Word to EPUB using Calibre
  • Make great ebook covers while saving money
  • Upload and sell at Amazon
  • Upload and sell through distributors (Smashwords and Draft2Digital)
  • Upload and sell at major retailers (Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Kobo)
  • Sell ebooks with PayPal and system that runs on autopilot
  • Sell ebooks with shopping cart application from their website or blog
  • Market wisely using social media
  • Use websites and blogs to sell ebooks
  • Create a complete author platform and use Amazon Author Central
  • Use PR (Public Relations) for marketing
  • Get more reviews
  • Make money from sales

What is the target audience?

  • writers
  • authors
  • bloggers

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The EnlightMe platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

Course Staff

Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews is the author of multiple titles, both fiction and nonfiction. His books have been translated into 8 languages and his self-publishing lessons have been viewed by students in 123 countries.

Jason works with writers around the world and teaches many courses on self-publishing topics (listed below).

He lives in Pismo Beach, California. He’s a skier, soccer player, beach lounger and loves a game of chess or scrabble. He can be contacted through his websites and social media links.

Course Features

  • Lectures 44
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration
  • Skill level
  • Language English
  • Students 2
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Self
  • Section 1: Before Selling Ebooks

    • Lecture 1.1 Lecture 1 Introduction Locked 0m
    • Lecture 1.2 Lecture 2 Ebook Retailers and Distributors Locked 0m
    • Lecture 1.3 Lecture 3 Amazon KDP Select Decision Preview Locked 0m
    • Lecture 1.4 Lecture 4 Common Strategies for Retailers and Distributors Locked 0m
    • Lecture 1.5 Lecture 5 PDF Guide for the Course Locked 0m
    • Lecture 1.6 Lecture 6 Useful Links shown in the Course Locked 0m
  • Section 2: Formatting MS Word, HTML and ePub

    • Lecture 2.1 Lecture 7 Introduction to Formatting Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.2 Lecture 8 Free Tools from Amazon Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.3 Lecture 9 Basics and Word Tips Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.4 Lecture 10 Front Matter Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.5 Lecture 11 Formatting Chapters Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.6 Lecture 12 Table of Contents Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.7 Lecture 13 Extra Formatting Tips Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.8 Lecture 14 Inserting Images, Hyperlinks, and Checking Preview Mode Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.9 Lecture 15 MS Word saved as HTML Web Page Filtered Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.10 Lecture 16 Calibre Converts Word to EPUB Locked 0m
    • Lecture 2.11 Lecture 17:EPUB Validator Locked 0m
  • Section 3: Cover Design

    • Lecture 3.1 Lecture 18 Basics and Standards Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.2 Lecture 19 Hiring Out Pro Cover Designers Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.3 Lecture 20 Cover Design Templates Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.4 Lecture 21 DIY Cover Design Programs and Images Locked 0m
  • Section 4: Uploading to Major Retailers

    • Lecture 4.1 Lecture 22 Upload to KDP Amazon Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.2 Lecture 23 Preparing Word and EPUB for Smashwords Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.3 Lecture 24 Upload to Smashwords Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.4 Lecture 25 Upload to Draft2Digital Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.5 Lecture 26 Upload to Barnes & Noble Nook Press Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.6 Lecture 27 Upload to Kobo Writing Life Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.7 Lecture 28 Upload to Google Play Books Partner Center Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.8 Lecture 29 Tax Info Reminder Locked 0m
  • Section 5: Direct Sales on Autopilot

    • Lecture 5.1 Lecture 30 Selling from Your Website or Blog Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.2 Lecture 31 Uploading Files to Sites for PayPal Sales Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.3 Lecture 32 Download Page for PayPal Buyers Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.4 Lecture 33 Inserting PayPal Buttons to Your Sites Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.5 Lecture 34 Fighting Piracy Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.6 Lecture 35 Shopping Cart Sales from Your Sites Locked 0m
  • Section 6: Marketing in the Digital World

    • Lecture 6.1 Lecture 36 Social Media Philosophy Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.2 Lecture 37 Social Media Main Players Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.3 Lecture 38 Websites and Blogs Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.4 Lecture 39 Blogging Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.5 Lecture 40 Blogging Tips and Reminders Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.6 Lecture 41 Amazon Author Central Locked 0m
  • Section 7: PR (Public Relations) and Reviews

    • Lecture 7.1 Lecture 42 PR (Public Relations) Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.2 Lecture 43 Reviews Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.3 Lecture 44 Finale Locked 0m
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