About EnlightMe

EnlightMe is an online learning community that develops hands-on skills for students and empowers them to be industry-ready.


EnlightMe is an online learning community, which is part of TripleMind Technology Inc. TripleMind Technology Inc. offers a wide range of technological services and solutions for various web, social, and mobile platforms; learning analytics; and educational cloud services.


EnlightMe aims to reach thousands of students; to provide individualized learning experiences; to support their knowledge growth continuously so that they can be industry-ready.

Our Values



Committed to excellent learning design and pedagogy

Personal Development and Growth

Strive for individualized learning experiences and the continuous growth of students

Industrial Leader

Learn from industrial leaders and instructors with extensive experience in the subject domain

Knowledge Base

Offer a great variety of courses and build this knowledge base, that can be accessed at any time and from any place

Quality Education

Provide quality education to students, across courses


Prepare our students to be industry-ready and competitive in the job market by providing them with hands-on, in-demand skill sets

Our target audience

Our target audience are those individuals, from stay-at-home moms to professionals, who are eager to expand their knowledge and skill sets in specific subject areas. By following a flexible and customized learning path, provided by EnlightMe, they can learn at any time and from any place.

Goals of EnlightMe Venture

- Offer quality courses, streamed according to specific needs, to students at an affordable price

- Prepare students for better employability through certified programs or courses

- Provide customized learning paths for individual students, who bring with them various learning experiences and goals

- Be the largest online educational portal that provides excellent revenue sharing for instructor